Understanding Your Southern Kitchen Design Options

Southern Kitchens specialise in a range of luxurious kitchen styles and designs. Familiarise yourself with all our designer kitchen options.
a solid wood kitchen designed by Southern Kitchens

At Southern Kitchens, we fully understand how important your kitchen is to you. It’s the heart of your home; where your loved ones gather to be both nourished and entertained, which is why a functional, aesthetically-pleasing kitchen design can be a true source of joy and contentment for homeowners.

Southern Kitchens are Specialists at Creating Stunning Designer Kitchens

Our process is a simple one. First is the design stage, where your preferences and the rest of your home’s interior design are taken into consideration to select the right finish. Then, functionality and features are considered to add practicality to your aesthetic vision. Then, the worktop most suited to your needs and style will be selected, along with sinks and other accessories. Once your vision has been quantified, your new kitchen is manufactured to your custom specifications.

What You Need to Know About Your Kitchen Upgrade

Keep reading the blog as we explain the various kitchen design options available to you to help you breathe life into your dream kitchen vision.

1. Solid Wood

The classic choice in kitchen design, Solid wood finishes offer the full natural durability and warmth of wood. This is the most exclusive form of kitchen, representing a departure from rarer wood types due to environmental concerns. Saligna wood finish is a popular choice as it is both a renewable resource and accepting of various stain colours. Wooden cupboard doors are manufactured to high customer requirements in a range of models and styles are available in many different types of wood.

2. Melamine or Wood Veneers

When doing a kitchen, one of the important things that need to be considered is the finish, not the colour, but the type of material. Although there are more types of materials, two types of the most well-known and commonly used is melamine and wood veneer. Melamine is a synthetic (man-made) board used extensively by carpenters to make products used in kitchens and other furniture items in South Africa. This is a product that results when a thin paper is pressed at high pressure on raw board such as chipboard or MDF. Although there are a large variety of colour or woodgrain options in South Africa, ultimately the choices are dependent on what the suppliers have to offer.

3. Melamine Laminate

Melamine is particleboard, laminated with a decorative thermally-fused paper/resin coating under heat and pressure. This is done within a very short time period (14-20 seconds), which is very critical as the resin has to pass from the paper to the board before it cures. This provides a durable scratch-, moisture- and discolouration-resistant surface.

Melamine is suitable for medium-duty vertical and horizontal applications, such as door and drawer frontals, carcasses, furniture components and shelving, as well as interior wall cladding and building elements. Since there is such a wide variety of colours and textures available for melamine boards, the product can be used to make any kind of furniture e.g. bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and other furniture.

4. Vinyl Wrap Laminate

When considering a new kitchen design, vinyl wrap is a surface finish that is sometimes requested for cupboard doors. Like all surface finishes, it has some distinct benefits as well as some potential areas of concern. It is useful to understand what a “vinyl wrap” door is in order to understand these features, and thus make an informed choice for your kitchen. The vinyl product itself is essentially a thin, flexible plastic that is mouldable when heated. Vinyl wrap or thermo-formed doors are created by wrapping an MDF door substrate (moisture resistant board) with a vinyl coating using a vacuum, glue and heat process. The vinyl is wrapped across the front of the door, and around all edges in one continuous piece. The back of the door is usually melamine.

5. Duco

Duco allows you to create a unique kitchen design, with a clean and smooth finish. Available in many colour options, Duco is a popular product on the local and international design scene. Duco is a term widely used for applying a quick-drying multi-colour line of nitrocellulose lacquers made especially for the automotive & carpentry industry. In short – we make use of a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) / supawood and apply primer coat by spray gun, whereafter the base and final coats get applied. All spray painting gets done in a controlled spray booth area ensuring a clean and smooth finished product.

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