Southern Kitchens


Planning Your Kitchen

We know the emphasis people place on kitchens. After all it’s very often a meeting place, a centre of gathering and not simply the engine room for hungry stomachs! So choosing the kitchen that will best serve your family’s style of living is important and deserves some attention.

Here are some pointers that will really assist you in your choice.


Ensure that the design of your kitchen complements the style of your house and the manner in which you will use it. Our consultants will come to your home and advise on your needs, help co-ordinate and tailor-make the design to suit your taste and budget.


In doing so, keep a creative eye on feature units and accessories to provide a decorative flourish. Remember, kitchens allow you to be creative!


Your worktop is the most functional area of the kitchen. So look for a combination of quality and robustness for this feature. Southern Kitchens has a wide variety of finishes that enable you to be decorative in this application as well.


Yes, sinks are no longer simply the mechanics’ bench of your kitchen. Our exhaustive array of styles will inform you that design and quality go hand in hand – even with this functional item.


Here again, style and practicality are integrated into the overall design of your kitchen accessories.


There’s nothing quite like being able to show you what your kitchen will look like before we have even lifted a screwdriver! With the assistance of our design consultants, once you have made your choice, we will be able to provide you with an artist’s impression of the overall look of your kitchen.

Melamine Kitchens


Wrap Laminated Kitchens

In recent years Wrap Kitchens have proved popular owing to their versatility in design style and the myriad of color options available. The quality of the PVC foils is such that the look is often indistinguishable from solid wood products.

  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Myriad of colors and wood-grain finishes
  • Supawood base allows machined patterns
  • Easy to clean and water resistant
  • Maintenance free

Duco Kitchens

From Country Style painted effects to clean Eurostyle lines – these can all be achieved in a painted kitchen. The beauty of a painted kitchen is that it allows you to change color in years to come as fashions change. Southern Kitchens has a full in-house spray facility that ensures manufacturing quality control.

  • Clean lines and flexible design
  • Allows you to change color options
  • Specialist paint effects available
  • Hard wearing

Veneered Kitchens

Veneered Kitchens offer a cost-effective alternative to solid wood kitchens and are used primarily where simple lines are the design choice. Veneered doors are not able to be routed into ornate shapes, although a basic tapered edge is available. Veneers can be stained to achieve a richness as per the customer’s requirements.

  • Natural wood look and feel
  • Available in mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut and many other natural timbers
  • Duco Paint
  • Available in a modern square-line look

Soild Wood Kitchens

The classic choice in kitchen design! Solid wood finishes offer the full natural durability and warmth of wood. This, the most exclusive form of kitchen, represents a departure from using rarer wood types owing to environmental concerns. Saligna wood finish is a popular choice as it is both a renewable resource and accepting of various stain colors.

  • Exclusive look and feel
  • Available in most natural timbers
  • Adds value to any property
  • Ages naturally
  • Timeless design alternative